John Carter

John Carter was a succesful cavalryman in the civil war.

When he returned home from the war and discovered with a shock that his family had died in a house fire after burying them, Carter withdrew from military service and started scavenging for gold (along with Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Peaches, Granny, Crash, Eddie, Louis, Shira, and the whole Sub-Zero Squad). However, their were caught by James K. Powell for help against the Indians. Even though they tried to live peacefully. The Sub-Zero Squad and Carter then escaped with a wounded Powell from some Indians and took refuge in a cave, which the Indians are not dared to enter. This was when they met Thern and was teleported to Barsoom.

He will first appear in Manny, Sid and Diego's Adventures of John Carter and is portrayed by Taylor Kitsch, as Kitsch is the second actor to portray John Carter on screen.