Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures Chronicles is another upcoming Ice Age TV series. It will appear on Vimeo in the near future. Here's the list of characters on Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures Chronicles




NOTE: Each episode of the series contain two seperated stories.

Season 1Edit

  1. The Perfect Mammoth/Rise of the Sloth
  2. All of the Good Newspapers/Hello, Rango!
  3. Singing in the Chocolate Rain/The Tale of the Koala and the Molehog
  4. A Hood For Sid/Down to the River
  5. Tigress vs. Rudy/Panda's Best Friend
  6. Carface and Killer's Once Upon a Monster/Manny and the Firefighter
  7. Rafael's Herd Party/The Revenge of Captain Gutt
  8. Surviving Itchy/Happy Animal Days
  9. The Hidden Valley of Peace/Twas the Nightmare Before Thanksgiving
  10. Charlie and Itchy to the Rescue!/Horton the Great White Elephant
  11. Meet the Bears/Santa Sloth
  12. Manny, Ellie, and Rafael's Wild Ride/Charlie-A-Go-Go!
  13. Ultra-Pumbaa/Run Run Wolf and Twitchy!

Season 2Edit

  1. Lucky 10/The Sloth Who Can Fly
  2. The Two-Headed Sloth-Hog/Sasha's New Baby
  3. Hidden Squirrel/Go, Samson, Go!
  4. The Furious Five Club/Timon the Fearless Meerkat
  5. Sick Day/Rafael Goes to Jail
  6. A Mammoth in Disguise/The Bride of Scratte
  7. Scavenger Hunt/The Battle of the Bands
  8. Diego and Shira's Surprise/Hey, Uncle Fungus!
  9. The Invasion of the Space Tigers/Chasing the Woodsman
  10. The True Moment/Look Out Any Window
  11. The Kung-Fu Lion/Mammoth Hooded
  12. Sweet Victory/The Wind of the Forest
  13. Sloth Lover/Cowboy Squirrel


  • Danny Phantom, Tucker Foley, Samantha Manson, Jazz Fenton, and Dani Phantom will make their few guest appearances in some of the episodes of this series since they make their full appearances in Danny Phantom's Adventures Chronicles