Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures of Robin Hood is another Ice Age crossover film planned . It will be shown on Vimeo in the near future.


Manny and his family and friends have traveled to Nottingham, England and met the greatest legendary hero of all: Robin Hood. Together, they rob from the rich to feed the poor and save England from an evil lion named Prince John (whom Shere Khan and Vlad Vladikoff are working for).


  • Shere Khan and Vlad Vladikoff will guest star and work for Prince John in this film.
  • This film is revealed that Sir Hiss is Viper's and Larry's rival.
  • Nigel will overcome his fears of Shere Khan and Vlad Vladikoff.
  • Prince John will become a rival to Diego, Shira, Tigress, Samson, and Ryan in this film.
  • This is an PAL film with NTSC bits from the Ice Age films, The Secret of NIMH 1 and 2, Horton Hears A Who!, the Kung Fu Panda films, the Open Season trilogy, The Wild, and The Jungle Book 1 and 2.
  • Robin Hood was re-released in theaters in 1982, the same year that The Secret of NIMH was released in theaters.
  • Robin Hood was re-released on DVD in 2006, the same year that Ice Age: the Meltdown, The Wild, and Open Season were all released in theaters.
  • The Jungle Book 1 and 2, The Wild, and Robin Hood were all made by Disney.