Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures of Zookeeper is an another upcoming Ice Age crossover film planned to be created by ShrekRulez102. It will be shown on Vimeo in the near future.


A zookeeper named Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) sets up a plan to propose to the love of his life Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), but she rejects him and claims that his career as a zookeeper is what is keeping her away, therefore breaking Griffin's heart.

Five years later, Griffin is shown to be the lead zookeeper at the Franklin Park Zoo who cares deeply for the zoo animals. That night, Griffin holds a party at the zoo for his brother Dave Keyes (Nat Faxon) who is getting married, but freaks out when he discovers that Stephanie was invited. Dave offers Griffin to come and work with him at a car dealership, explaining that it is the best way to get Stephanie back. Griffin contemplates quitting his job at the zoo and joining his brother at the dealership.

Later, the animals hold a meeting saying that they think Griffin is the best zookeeper at the zoo and don't want him to leave, so they decide to find some way to help him win Stephanie's heart. Jerome the Bear (Jon Favreau) suggests that they teach Griffin their animal mating techniques, but Joe the Lion (Sylvester Stallone) protests, reminding them that it's against the animal code to talk to humans. Ray the Koala (Eddie Izzard) suddenly has an idea: all he and his animal friends have to do is make Griffin look like a hero in front of Stephanie. He explains this plan to Joe, pointing out that everything will be okay. Upon hearing from Donald the Monkey (Adam Sandler) that Stephanie will be at the zoo tomorrow, Joe agrees with Ray's plan.

The next day, Donald unlocks two doors: one to the koala (and gorilla) enclosure and the other to the lion enclosure. He lets Ray and Joe out, and both the koala and the lion confront Stephanie and her best friend, Dave's fiancée Robin (Steffiana de la Cruz). Kate Cooper (Rosario Dawson), the zoo's vet, manages to get them away from Ray and Joe and calms Ray down while Griffin runs away from Joe as a distraction. Unfortunately, after she delivers Ray back to him, Griffin fails to jump into the lion enclosure, ruining Ray and his animal friends' plan. Ray happens to be unharmed, and when he and Griffin climb out of the enclosure, Joe arrives, and he and Ray blame Griffin for ruining their plan, causing the zookeeper to believe the two animals have gone mad. Griffin leaves, and Ray is disappointed. Later that night, all of the animals, including Ray (who feels sorry) and his twin brother Rodney (Owen Wilson), break their code of silence and tell Griffin that they will teach him what to do to win Stephanie. Griffin learns their different mating rituals, but ends up humiliating himself in front of the other zookeepers and the guests.

Griffin, along with Ray and Rodney, then has a talk with Bernie (Nick Nolte), a forlorn gorilla who was moved into a deep enclosure after allegedly attacking another zookeeper named Shane (Donnie Wahlberg). Bernie explains to Griffin, Ray, and Rodney that Shane abuses the animals (except Ray and Rodney) and he fell when he was abusing Bernie. He lied and said that Bernie attacked him, causing Bernie to lose his trust in humans. Ray (who has witnessed the "attack" along with Rodney) soon realizes that both he and Rodney have taken over Bernie's old enclosure while half of the newly-taken over gorilla enclosure, which is renamed the koala enclosure, was made into a food court.

Griffin discovers that Stephanie is dating her other ex-boyfriend, a bullying alpha-male named Gale (Joe Rogan). Janet (Cher), Joe's wife/mate, tells Griffin that the best way to attract a female is to be seen with another female, so Griffin, with the help of Ray and Rodney, asks Kate to go with him to Dave and Robin's wedding as his "fake-date", and she agrees as long as Griffin brings one pet with him, which is either Ray or Rodney. Griffin chooses to bring Ray with him, and explains to Kate that Ray and Rodney are not actually his pets, but used to be his pets. The next night, Griffin takes Ray and Bernie to T.G.I. Fridays after being unable to take Rodney with him (Rodney lost the boxing match against Ray). During their night out, there's now a friendly relationship between a zookeeper and a koala plus gorilla instead of the one between the former two. Eventually, Bernie tells Griffin that he's his best friend, and also tells Ray that he's his completed best friend now.

The next day, Griffin and Kate go to Dave and Robin's wedding with Ray and have great fun together with him. Griffin becomes brave enough to stand up to Gale and this grabs Stephanie's attention with the help of Ray. After Kate tells Griffin that she is falling in love with him (which Griffin is unaware of) by having a great time with him and Ray, Stephanie asks Griffin out to dinner. Griffin accepts and takes Ray with him. Both the humans and the koala go to dinner and the next day, they go to a fashion show. At said fashion show, Stephanie tells Griffin that his job at the zoo is holding him back, so Griffin decides to quit his job and accepts Dave's offer, which upsets Kate. Bernie also becomes upset and tells Griffin that he thought he could trust someone again, but was proved wrong when Griffin quit his job. Kate decides to leave the zoo and accepts a job in Nairobi, which angers Ray, who is the most upset of everyone in the zoo. Eventually, Ray can't take it any longer, and decides to leave the zoo for good to be with Griffin, abandoning his enclosure, his eucalyptus leaves, his brother, Bernie, and all of his zoo animal friends as a result.

Griffin becomes the best employee at the car dealership and Ray becomes his loyal assistant. However, Griffin misses working at the zoo, and Ray becomes very hungry and thirsty and even misses everything he had abandoned, including Bernie. Stephanie enters the dealership, and tries to propose to Griffin, but he refuses and dumps her. He then goes back to the zoo with Ray and, after satisfying Ray's hunger and thirst, apologizes to Bernie with Ray, causing Bernie to accept his friendship with them. Griffin and Ray soon realize that Shane has abused Bernie, and decide to make a stop to beat up Shane in order to avoid that Ray would get abused by Shane as well.

After Ray and Rodney's moment, Rodney and the other animals, along with Ray, tell Griffin that Kate is heading to the airport. Ray decides to help Griffin catch up with Kate, and they both head out to stop her. After all of his plans are backfired, Ray realizes that he has only one idea left, and goes back to the zoo to convince Rodney and Bernie to come along. Bernie agrees, but a reluctant Rodney refuses. However, he eventually agrees when Ray explains his plan to him and Bernie. The three animals rush back to help Griffin, and eventually, they and Griffin manage to catch up with Kate on the bridge. Griffin confesses his love for Kate, and Ray is hailed as an animal hero.

Six months later, Griffin and Kate are back working at the zoo and Ray and Rodney are still living in their enclosure, but are now sharing it with Bernie, who moved back in. A special eucalyptus tree is planted for both the koalas and the gorilla on the peak of a rocky staircase by both Griffin and Kate so they can get a great view of the city. When Bernie asks what a "Benihana" is, Ray answers that what Bernie said is an American company. Griffin then asks Bernie if he still has his iZod. When Bernie answers to him that he doesn't know, Ray asks if Bernie has lost it when they managed to catch up with Kate, to which Rodney replies that he thinks so. And it is revealed that not only Ray is a completed best friend of Bernie, but that Rodney is now also a completed best friend of Bernie.

As the credits start rolling, it shows outtakes of the film and Ray and his animal friends singing to the tune of "More Than a Feeling".


  • Ray and Rodney will reveal to be Nigel's cousins in this film, since they are all koalas.
    • The main reason why Ray is one of Nigel's two cousins in this film is because they're both voiced by Eddie Izzard.
  • Joe and Janet will reveal to be Samson and Ryan's cousins in this film, since they are all lions.
  • Donald will reveal to be Monkey's cousin in this film, since they are both monkeys.
  • Barry will reveal to be Horton's cousin in this film, since they are both elephants.
  • Jerome and Bruce will reveal to be Boog's cousins in this film, since they are all grizzly bears.
  • Mollie will reveal to be Bridget's cousin in this film, since they are both giraffes.
  • Sebastian will reveal to be Wolf's cousin in this film, since they are both wolves.
  • Spike will reveal to be Jeremy's cousin in this film, since they are both crows.
  • This is an NTSC film with NTSC bits from the Ice Age films, The Secret of NIMH 1 and 2, Horton Hears a Who!, the Kung Fu Panda films, the Open Season trilogy, The Wild, the All Dogs Go to Heaven trilogy, Hoodwinked!, Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil, and Rio 1 and 2.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2, Rio, Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil, and Zookeeper were all released in theaters in 2011, the same year that Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas was first broadcast on Fox.
  • Both the Open Season films and Zookeeper are distributed by Columbia Pictures.
  • The Secret of NIMH, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, and Zookeeper were all made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
  • Jerome and Bruce will see The Sub-Zero Adventure Group again in Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures of George of the Jungle and Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures of George of the Jungle 2.
  • Ray and Rodney, Bernie, Joe and Janet, Donald, Barry, Mollie, Sebastian, Jim, Spike, and Elmo will see The Sub-Zero Adventure Group again in Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures of George of the Jungle 2.