Peaches the Mammoth

Peaches is the daughter of Manny and Ellie, born in the Dinosaur World in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs whilst they were under attack by a pack of Guanlong. She appeared close to end of the movie and was named after the code-name that was thought up to say that Ellie was going into labour. Manny also claims that peaches are sweet, round, and fuzzy, just like her and Ellie. She looks exactly like her mother, Ellie, which Sid thinks is very lucky. At the end of the film, she returned to the surface with her parents and the rest of the group.

In Ice Age: Continental Drift, she appeared as an adolescent (being a 13-year old, or a 16-year old, or a young adult), where she's been sneaking up in the morning going to the falls with Louis the Molehog. When her dad goes missing, she feels deeply depressed about him floating on an iceberg. During the movie, she hangs out with Ethan and his gang and while not noticing, they tease her by hanging with Louis which she says that she doesn't hang out with him as he hears while being near them, gets depressed and leaves. After that, the other mammoths judge her by being part possum, and she gets more upset. At the end of the movie, she gets saved by Louis, by which she saved at the beginning.

Her vocals are provided by Frank Welker as a baby, is voiced by Ciara Bravo as a pre-teen, and later by Keke Palmer, an African-American actress and singer who sang the Ice Age: Continental Drift theme song "We Are", as an adolescent.