Shira the Saber-Toothed Tigress

Shira is a saber-toothed tigress who is one of the leaders of the Sub-Zero Adventure Group.

In Ice Age: Continental Drift, she was part of Gutt's crew as a pirate and his first loyal mate. She's also Diego's official love interest.

Also in Ice Age: Continental Drift, when Gutt's crew attacks the herd's "ship," Shira takes down Diego, mocking him for his declaration of not fighting girls by saying "I can see why." After Manny and the others escape by capsizing Gutt's iceberg, Shira is seen in the water, calling out for her crewmates' help. She's rescued against her will by Manny and is angered when Diego calls her "Kitty." She journeys with the herd to an island. Once there, she attempts to escape, but Diego catches up to her and she's imprisoned in a tree. Later, Shira is approached to Diego, who learns that she left her pack as he once did. Diego tells her that she simply traded one pack for another, and that the herd always has each others backs, pointing out that Gutt hasn't attempted to search for her. The next morning, she escapes, and finds Gutt, who is building a new ship on the other side of the island. Gutt berates her for not killing Manny, making Squint his first mate. Gutt then orders Shira to target Diego, declaring that he will have a tiger-skin rug "one way or another." When the herd enact their plans to take Gutt's ship, she once again tackles Diego, who convinces her to turn against Gutt and come with him. Shira follows Diego to the ship, but seeing that Gutt is catching up to them, secretly puts ice in his way. As the herd float away, Shira tells Diego that she has his back. Later, when Gutt is holding Peaches hostages, she's seen struggling to get up, implying that Gutt physically punished her for treachery. During a fight, she protects Ellie from Squint, mocking the rabbit's twitching nose. After the defeat of Gutt's crew, she joins the herd and shares a romantic look with Diego.

Shira is voiced by Jennifer Lopez.